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Stable Isotopes for Food Authentication

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Key Benefits
• High analytical accuracy of the isotopic ratio, required composition and targeted isotope signature for various pure gases and mixtures
• Increased analyzer calibration efficiency
• Isotopic composition adjusted for each of your products, matching International standardized values

Rely on an expert partner for your isotope ratio measurements
Food safety standards have vastly improved over the years as scientific understanding of food preservation and contamination has advanced. In parallel, significant increases in food and beverage fraud and adulteration have prompted the global scientific community to develop enhanced standardized analytical methods to guard against adulteration, including isotopic analysis. Whether you are a food manufacturer, university or a quality control laboratory, Air Liquide provides a range of pure gases and mixtures for isotope ratio measurements and equipment calibration according to international regulations which set official methods for isotopic analysis, such as the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC). Air Liquide is the first and only gas supplier to propose a complete standardized offer for stable isotopic analysis worldwide. With 30+ years of experience in specialty gases production and application, and strong, recognized R&D capabilities, you can trust Air Liquide to ensure product quality, availability and responsiveness.

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