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AIM LAB to display latest OEM Autosampler

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Aim Lab - Setting the standard in autosampler design

Munich, Germany: Aim Lab Automation Technologies Pty Ltd (Brisbane Australia) will be exhibiting its latest autosampler, the AIM4000, on their booth A3.123A at Analytica 2018. The AIM4000 autosampler is the company's fourth generation autosampler and represents a culmination of over 25 years in autosampler design experience and field performance.

An autosampler is an essential component for many different types of analysers and is used for automating the sequential introduction of large numbers of samples under controlled conditions for subsequent analysis. Aim Lab’s autosamplers have been specifically developed for automating sample introduction into atomic spectroscopy analysers but are typically used to automate sample introduction for a diverse range of analyser technologies requiring sample volumes greater than 0.1ml.

So how is the AIM4000 different to previous models? Aim Lab’s Business Manager, Ralph Donaldson, explains: “While there is a inherent requirement for exceptional reliability and diverse functionality, a key focus of the AIM4000 autosampler is its aesthetics. While it might sound trite, as an integral part of the analyser solution, the sleek lines and elegant appearance of the AIM4000 help enhance the marketability of the host analyser.”

The AIM4000 is a single probe liquid autosampler and introduces a number of design innovations over previous models. The electronics have been moved into the upper gantry away from any sample or wash fluids to maximise the available footprint for samples. The AIM4000 supports a range of different sample tubes as well as 96 well microtiter trays. Standard racks and the wash station are centrally located to minimise probe travel between sample and wash. This also allows sample racks to be replaced on the run. An optional integrated protective sampler cover neatly takes up no additional space, is easy to fit and cost effective.

AIM4000 with 4 sample racks & central stds rack.
AIM4000 with protective cover.
AIM4000 with microtitre plates.
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Ralph Donaldson

Aim Lab at Analytica 2018

Hall: A3

Stand: 123A

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